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About Us //

In the same way the name Enzo Ferrari is synonymous with the performance of his legendary cars, the name Sandro Ferrari is synonymous with the performance of the human body.  Since 1999, Brace Yourself Orthopaedics has been committed to the enhancement of physical activity at any level.  We carry a variety of orthopaedic support products, and we specialize in providing custom measured knee braces for common joint problems and sports injuries, but especially for compartmental osteoarthritis.  Our service ranges from helping patients regain their mobility from normal wear and tear to blunt force injuries, and from mall walkers to elite level athletes competing at the highest levels of amateur and professional sports.  Our approach to incorporating a functional knee brace as part of a program that includes strength training, flexibility, and technique modification, speeds recovery, and brings patients back to near pre-injury condition.

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Sandro Ferrari   RT. Orthopaed


President / Owner


Sandro has been a registered Orthopaedic Technologist since 1994, and a member of the Ontario Athletics Commission since 2011.  He studied at Ohio University, and graduated from Ryerson Polytechnical Institute in Anatomy and Physiology, and from the Career Canada College Orthopaedic Technology program with honours.  Sandro has worked with many amateur and professional sports organizations, and his results using functional knee bracing to help treat many injuries have been exceptional.

What We Do //


At all exercise levels, custom measured orthopaedic support braces offer maximum advantages and help our patients get back to their activities pain-free.  Our suppliers use the latest techniques to fabricate their products ensuring a perfect fit, as well as using the strongest and lightest materials available, without being obtrusive.

Off the Shelf

Off the shelf products provide cost-effective solutions for patients who would benefit from the convenience of braces in standard sizes and are readily available, or for patients who need less support, at lower physical activity levels


Brace Yourself Orthopaedics provides patients with all of the information they need to facilitate insurance claims.  We work with patients and 3rd party payers to accelerate the delivery process so that patients can return to their regular routines quickly.  Brace Yourself Orthopaedics operates a paperless environment for patients' convenience

After Care

We strive to keep your patients completely satisfied.  Our office is centrally located, and we are available to meet with patients by appointment to fit their schedule, or by walk-in if they prefer.  We revisit with patients regularly to assure4 they are gaining the full benefit of their brace.

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